Iowa City Music Auxiliary

Show Your Support: Attend A Performance

The Calendar of Events on this page lists the many upcoming performances where our students will be showing their musical talents. We encourage you to attend and hear the beautiful sights and sounds created by the students in our community.

The 2015 Car Wash Was a Huge Success

The Iowa City Music Auxiliary extends a huge thank you to all the directors, parents, and students that helped make the car wash a success. We washed over 900 cars and had lots of fun doing it. We appreciate all the members of the community that came out to get their cars washed and made a donation to support our students in their musical endeavors.

If you or someone you know made a pledge, expect a letter in the mail in the upcoming weeks that will let you know how to fulfill your pledge.

Upcoming Events 2015-2016

Feb 13

West High Show Choir Competition #3 Benton Community

Downtown Iowa City

Feb 13

Jazz Showcase (all CH & South East Jazz Bands )

City High, CH Cafeteria

Feb 14 - Feb 15

ISU Honor Choir Festival

Downtown Iowa City, Ames

Feb 17,7:30pm

City High Midwinter Band Concert

City High, Opstad Auditorium

Feb 18,7:30pm

South East Band Concert

City High, Opstad Auditorium

Feb 18

WHS Symphonic Band & Wind Ensemble Concert

West High, Auditorium

Feb 19 - Feb 21,All Day

Kanellis National Invitational Debate Tournament

West High, Cafeteria, Classrooms, Little Theater

Feb 19

Tall Corn Jazz Festival (Jazz Ensemble)

Kingston Stadium, UNI, Cedar Falls

Feb 20

Swingin on the River (4th Ave Jazz)

Kingston Stadium, Hastings, Minnesota

Feb 20

All-State Speech

Kingston Stadium

Feb 20

U of I Honor Band Festival

Downtown Iowa City, UI Memorial Union

Feb 20,Daytime

UI Orchestra Invitational

West High, West High Auditorium, Music Rooms, Cafeteria

Feb 20

West High Show Choir Competition#4 – Great River Davenport

Downtown Iowa City

Feb 23,7:30pm

South East Orchestra Concert

City High, Opstad Auditorium

Feb 24,7:30pm

City High Orchestra Winter Concert

City High, Opstad Auditorium

Feb 26

Coe College Jazz Band Festival (Jazz Ensemble & Jazz Lab)

Kingston Stadium, Cedar Rapids

Feb 26 - Feb 27

Jazz In The Meadows Trip (Jazz Ens. & Jazz Lab)

Kingston Stadium, Chicago

Feb 26 - Feb 28

WHS Jazz Band Trip – Minneapolis, MN

Downtown Iowa City

Feb 28,2:00pm & 5:30pm

WHS Choir Swing Show w/NC & NW Show Choirs

West High, Auditorium/Cafeteria

Mar 1,7:30pm

NW Jazz Band Concert

West High, Auditorium

Mar 2,7:30pm

NC Jazz Band Concert

North Central Junior High, NC Gym

Mar 3,7:30pm

WHS Jazz Band Concert

West High, Auditorium

Mar 4,7:30pm

WHS Choir Concert w/UI Choirs

Downtown Iowa City, University of Iowa

Mar 5,All Day

SEIBA Jazz Band Festival

West High, Aud, LT, Both Gyms, Cafeteria

Mar 5

SEIBA Jazz Festival

City High, West High

Mar 6,2pm & 6pm

Show Choir Spring Show

City High, Opstad Auditorium

Mar 7,7:30pm

WHS Orchestra Concert

West High, Auditorium

Mar 7,4:30-7:00pm

West Elementary Band Solo Festival

Wickham, Wickham

Mar 8,4:30-7:00pm

West Elementary Band Solo Festival

Horn, Horn

Mar 8,7:30pm

WHS Concert Band & Varsity Band Concert

West High, Auditorium

Mar 9

WHS Choir Solo & Ensemble Festival

West High, Choir Rm, Orch Rm, Green Rm, LT

Mar 9,7:30pm

City High Wind Ensemble Concert

City High, Opstad Auditorium